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dinsdag, oktober 7th, 2008


Bright lighted skyscrapers around

the bridge to the Yale-blues nightlife,

an illuminated porcupine in the dark.



The moon in the window

of mentally ill & homeless’ art exhibition,

Marriott’s big O artificial home sign



Autumn downtown East Side bathes in all-day drizzle

comfort to be found in car & Starbucks

shelter for almost all.


donderdag, september 25th, 2008


Amicitia on her brown bare foot

Says the blue tattoo

In  summer’s mad  mental house  garden


woensdag, september 24th, 2008


As the wind sharpens the blue of

this autumn morning sky,

my bike needs extra air to start

maandag, september 22nd, 2008


As the little girl lets me comb her hair

gently, I realise already in early late summer morning

there’s a first time for everything

dinsdag, september 2nd, 2008


De augustus ochtendzon

verwarmt de werkplaats junkyard

tot een tuin vol art