Six days to go…

One week to go until departure, six days actually, no time to loose and now I really got the blues… The blues hitting me big time: pre-departue blues, nervousness blues, last-minute blues, old bike blues, just to name a few. Some people are already saying goodbye. Wow, that’s really great, some hugs here and there, wanted to take some pictures but my camera is out of juice, and another day rolls along. Another day, heading for Alaska, and anywhere south of it. Too much to comprehend, and with departure closing in, even more incomprehensible.

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  1. Ton Dekker says:

    Nu is het nog even druk,maar als je eenmaaal in Canada bent,denk je het is het helemaal waard. Dan is al die energie bij Larrie,DHL,Jan B[Geestelijk} het dubbel en dwars waard geweest. Tot morgen avond voor de laatste motor loodjes.

    gr Dek

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  3. Tristan says:

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