Buenos Aires, BUENOS AIRES!

Buenos Aires, BUENOS AIRES!

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February 28th, Buenos Aires, Argentina

It’s thursday night when I enter Buenos Aires. A 5 lane highway.It’s dark and it takes me a while to find Dakar Motos. When I knock on the door at 9pm it’s Marcus who opens the door. Marcus! Then I begin to realize, I am in Buenos Aires, coming from Alaska, more as 30,000km. i park the bike between the big off roads, all equiped for worls travel. this is a magical place. World travellers arrive, go back, start from here. And nowmy bike, 67 yearsold steel & iron is parked between all those beautiful hi tech bikes. It makes me feel shy and proud at the same time. The bike is a story apart, for now it’s sufficient to tell that even after 30,000 km she still runs everyday like she cameoutof the factory yesterday and always, always ready for a new day of adventures.

The last couple of weeksmy website has been off air due for some time due to viruses. Couldn’t write messagesat all, so I start here where I left from Santiago, Chile.

‘That’s when I get up, and nothing gets me down’ starts on the radio as I wait in line after the police check at the Argentina customs official for my temporarily import papers for the bike. This is ‘Jump’ from Van Halen. What a welcome, I couldn’t have imagined it better for a musical welcome. I am in Argentina! After Alaska via Canada, United States, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Chile, now in Pataonia, Argentina. For all the accompanying emotions I coul jump in the air.

After Santiago I drove in two days to Pucon. I drove up with Brendan and his truck. He has a beautiful Scania truck which is prepared to go everywhere. Which he does with passengers on tours through South America and especially the south and other non hospitable places (see www.vivaexpeditions.com). The bike consumed excessiely oil, almost 2.5 liter on somewhat more than 700 km. Weird, genuine Harley oil that Hope found in a lone box at the Harley dealer in Santiago. Decided to stay a day and found the leak.The valve covers were loose. I was lucky to sleep in brendan’s truck since it rained at night.

Crossed the border and met up with Eric. Met him before on a BMW in Santiago, he’s setting up a motorcycle tour business. So we decideed to travel together. After San Martin de los Andes we took the 7 lakes route. beautiful, also some dirt road, not too bad but a lotof dust. Early eening rode into Bariloche, didn’t really like the town although it’s beautifully situated at the lake, ,probably great as winter destination but not for now for me. Camped a way out of town at a nice camping at the lake. Again another bike thing to fix, my front brake got very sticky. Decided to work on it. At the end of the day at 9 o’clock we stopped, an Argentina guy and me and the brake wasn’t functioning porperly at all! So that means another day of wrenching.

Also I have to make a decision about the final leg of my road trip. Originally I was destined to go as far as I could south, nobody knew how far I would get. When I rode into South America I thought, ‘well let’s go to Ushuaia’, being the most southern place to visit. But then I met Diana in Medellin. And now I know what my destination is, going back to her in Colombia. And then I went into Patagonia. When I was in Bariloche I got the message she’s been diagnosed with cancer and very porbably has to undergo chirurgy. So for now I know I go back to help her out as soon as possible. How, I don’t now yet. I hope to let you all know soon.

The long way home, for Diana

You know I love you baby
More than the whole wide world
You are my woman
I know you are my pearl

Forgive me pretty baby but I always take the long way home
And I love you pretty baby but I always take the long way home
Come with me and we can take the long way home
Come with me, together we can take the long way home

(Tom Waits – The long way home)

16 Responses to “Buenos Aires, BUENOS AIRES!”

  1. Joyce says:

    Hoi JG,

    Lang verhaal, veel gezien, en een heftige laatste alinea.
    Als filmscript fantastisch, (Clooney of Pitt schijnen het leuk te doen op een motor…,) in het echt even minder.
    Het zal niet mee vallen om wat dan ook te besluiten op dit moment.
    We hopen dat je volgende berichtje beter nieuws bevat.
    We denken aan je, en wensen Diana beterschap.

    Groetjes van Erik-Jan, Joyce en Connor.

  2. Ary says:


    De landen de mensen en de mijlen hebben je dichter bij jezelf gebracht.
    Ik zou zeggen doe je helm zonnebril en stofdoek af en kijk ons aan, dat past beter bij je openhartige laatste verslag.
    Bedankt dat je ons deelgenoot hebt gemaakt van je enerverende reis 30000 km lang.

    You went the long way,
    but never the wrong way.

    Heel veel sterkte de komende tijd samen met Diana.
    Waar liefde is is leven.

    Groet Ary.

    Bedankt voor een geweldig reisverhaal 30000 km lang en sterkte de komende tijd met Diana.

  3. JEAN RANEY says:

    Hello Jan:

    I have been following your trip on line. You have experienced many set backs with your motorcycle but always came out a winner. I have enjoyed your many stories. Sorry to hear of your beloved Diana to be ill. I send you best wishes and pray for health and strength for both her and yourself.

    tot siens
    Janna Verzyl

  4. fred pieters says:

    Yo Jan Gerben,
    You gotta roll with the punches to get to what’s real ! is de 2e slogan uit Jump…… Follow your heart en ga snel naar Diana. Ik heb tranen in mijn ogen van je verhaal.Lotsa love and luck for both of you!

  5. CHope says:

    From Chile!!!
    Always remember you men, and of course, always looking for what’s going on every time!
    I wish you the best, for you and Diana!!! It was shoking to read what was happening to your girl friend, and of course, let you know that as your friend, as i think i’m, you have all support and Hope.
    Buenos Aires is huge, in’t it?
    Well, hope you The Best (for your girl and bike too)
    And will be reading what’s new.

    Good Luck, GO FRIEND, GOOO!!!!!


  6. Ryn says:

    Man……. you rock! I hope you can figure out how to ply this extreme “mission” to your advantage.

    We follow you dragging yourself and Betsy (El Libertador) physically and emotionally over steep hills along your journey. I hope it strengthening you more than it is weakening.

    Whatever it feels like at any given moment: you are an special person who stands up to “the easy way out” and refuses to back down!

    Wishing you and Diana only the best.

  7. Helen Strang says:

    Hey Jg,
    wat een verhalen weer. Heb je een tijdje niet kunnen volgen,maar nu weer wel.
    Je bent al een heel eind gekomen en staat nu voor een belangrijke beslissing. Doe wat je hart zegt, dat is goed.
    Heel veel sterkte met Diana en ik zal aan jullie denken de komende tijd.
    Fijn dat Betsy nog zo goed blijft rijden. Toch een stuk steun.
    Groetjes van Helen

  8. jeroen spaan says:

    Hallo JG
    Vele mooie worden zijn er reeds gesproken
    Mij rest je nog te bedanken voor 1,5 jaar leesplezier
    Het ga je goed en tot ziens

  9. Guido says:

    Geweldige verhalen gelezen en wanneer ik dat deed stelde ik me voor dat je naast me stond met alle gebaren erbij
    Mooi dat je je doelstelling hebt bereikt en dat het wat langer heeft geduurt dan wat de bedoeling was heeft ons in Holland alleen maar mooie verhalen opgeleverd
    rest je te zeggen ‘bedankt voor de mooie verhalen en heel veel sterkte met je liefde”

  10. Rob Spaan says:

    Hoi JG

    Ik heb genoten van al je mooie verhalen.
    wens je sterkte met Diana.

    groet Rob.

    ps. Let love be your energy

  11. lex jac en chantal says:

    30000 km en veel ervaringen op gedaan en veel sterkte met het maken van jouw keuze we leven mee met diana groeten uit bleiswijk

  12. Marcelo (Trelew-Playa Union) says:

    Buen Viaje amigo!!! Toda la fuerza y suerte del mundo para vos y Diana.

  13. jos says:

    hi jg,

    zeer uitzonderlijk, dat zijn je verhalen keer op keer en is je reis als geheel. hoop dat het je goed gaat en ben benieuwd wat je uiteindelijke bestemming zal zijn. maar, veel belangrijker nog, wil ik diana en jou alle sterkte toewensen.



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