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So? How is it?

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010
So? How is it?

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Medellin, Colombia, april 22nd 2010

‘Look nurse, he’s alive’. I walk with the aluminum bowl towards nurse Fernanda. In it, a watery vowit that contains a 20 m long bleak eartworm alike. Her eyeballs shoot almost out of her head. Again a medical surprise this monday. First the surgeon looks for me after the operation of Diana and explains he’s also surprised by the 9 cm tumor he took out of her belly with a diameter of a tennis ball. And now this, vomiting after the anaesthesia and here’s a living parasite of more than 20 centimeters long (6-7 inches). So, its a good hospital day, like two results for the price of one treatment. Makes me happy as a health economist. Sad note tough is that the tumor was found after we decided to search for another therapy in january. I dare not ask the surgeon what would have happened if she would have continued going on with pain. Sad note also that the parasite wasn’t found altough extensive laboratory examinations (blood, urine, faeces), stomach examination and a gastroscopy. For now, we have to wait for the result of the pathalogy lab who examine the tumor whether it will be a maligne (bad) or benigne (good) cancer.

So, how is it after being five weeks in Medellin, Colombia? With Diana, things are going better. After losing her job and healt insurance we were able to repair the insurance (took a lot of time to go through a whole bunch of bureaucratic procedures). Also with a job she now has a small, parttime job working as an independent auditor (accountant) that can be combined with the final year of her university study (year ends here in december).

So on the whole good, but there’s also some side remarks for myself. On the whole, I’m happy being here. But after being a year and a half ‘on the road’ it sure also is a period of adaptation. Not knowing where to go next makes me feel restless, feels like waitint but I don’t know for what. For now I’m occupied with my finances such as taxes and bank arrangements in Holland. My plan is to be here some what more to write a little book about my travels. But, there are choices to be made, work, living such as my houseboat, Holland or Colombia? So there is a but to my feelings of happiness altough the feeling of living in freedom and having the liberty to make these choices is awesome!

My visa expires in may. That means either I have to pay for extensions (bike & me) or cross a border and come back. Panama would be closest but probably has limited customs facilities due to the Darien Gap, also this is a area with a lot of guerilla and drugs violence. Venezuela isat, I guess, three days distance but there are borer prolems due to the ongoing diplomatic rows between Colombia and Venezuela, the border is closed for Colombians. Ecuador would be easiest but is at five days distance. For now I haven’t made a choice yet, going to Venezuela would be the most probable.