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El campo, Ciudad Noe (Peru)

Saturday, October 24th, 2009
El campo, Ciudad Noe (Peru)

Trujillo, october 24th 2009,

tranlation will follow a.s.a.p. (as soon as possible),

jan gerben


Sunday, October 18th, 2009

Loja, Equador, 18 oktober 2009

Since San Jose (Costa Rica) I did not publish any pictures on my website. If you start with the picture of Johann on his blue Electra (see Fotooooos ¡ pictures) you can follow my journey in pictures up to now. I´ve written some comments to make it a more like a picture story. Enjoy.

The picture above is made for DeMotos, Colombia´s biggest & free motorcycle magazine (


Quito, Ecuador

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

Quito, Ecuador, october 14th, 2009

Arrived in Quito on monday, it´s high (above 9000 feet), wet (every day rain) & cold (12-15 degrees Celcius). Since Medellin spent some hours working at the roadside on the bike. Having some troubles here also, maybe due to the altitude & rain. Try to sort that out here, but where I stay now in the old city it´s beautiful but not a good environment for wrenching. I do that now on a open air parking, the owner gives me shit for paying so we have to fight that out today, will move on to another part of town today. So for for now, loads of stories & adventures but have to make the time to write it all down.

Hasta la proxima (untill the next time).