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Sunday, July 19th, 2009

Granada, Nicaragua, july 17th 2009

There´s not much going on on the road from Casares on the coast land inwarts. So to my surptise there´s a police check after a hill. First I show them my international driving licence. That turns out to be expired, shit it´s only valid for a year, I forgot all about that. In the psychological warfare I´m losing points and the two cops gain. Next I show them the regular Dutch driving licence and the bike ownership papers. They wonder if I am allowed to drive my bike because the weight of the bike isn´t specified on the ownership title (from 1954 when Betsy started her civilian life after her military career for the Candian army and from 1946 on in the Dutch army). They kind of believe since I own the bike now for 10 years I am allowed. Next they see that my temporarily import licence for Betsy has expired, I know, this means a 1 USD per day fine when I leave the country. A police captain I asked earlier on couldn´t tell me what would happen if I wasn´t driving to the border, fine or confiscation. When they look at my passport they find out my visa has expired. And so they come to their conclusion, me and my bike are illegal in the country. They repeat that to make it absolutely clear. Strange feeling in my stomach when a cop says that to you. Then they start a sort of cross examination. Where I am going, from where, how long etcetera. The tension eases when I tell them I come from Brians house in Casares. They know Brian for his Harley and cop girlfriend. I pull out a wrech to tighten my mirror. The cop laughs when he tightens my mirror. It´s blazingly hot afternoon. We all are thirsty. After paying for a Coke for them I can leave, ´no problemo´.

The bike import papers are ´fixed´for now. My visa turns out to be a problem. I thought I was OK but the Immigracion officer made a mistake when I got my renewal. The next thing I know is that nobody wants to burn his fingers on my visa. So from Immigracion Granada, Policia Nacional, Immigracion Metrocentro Managua I end up in the headquaters of Immigracion Nacional in Managua. It takes two days but then I´ve get a new visa and a new stamp in my passport.

Coming sunday it´s the 30 year revolution celebration. Due to the Honduras army take over of their government and replacing the president the tensions here have grown. The Honduras ex-president tries to get back from out of Nicaragua, borders are on and off open but not for NIca´s. On both sides the army has overtaken customs duties. According to the free press here, also in Nicaragua army and police are investigated for takeover plans. This sunday the celebrations will for sure be visited by the presidents Chaves (Venezuela), Castro (Cuba) and Morales (Bolivia). I hope to be also on the Square of the Revolucion in Managua for the big official rally. After that I want to continue my roadtrip and go south if all stays well, more on that after sunday.

Continue !?

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009
Continue !?

Granada, Nicaragua, july 8th 2009

Finally feeling better. Took me a very long time but I feel back to normal. Don´t have a clue about the cause, probably a stubborn virus. I see more people having the same symptons now, they also thinkafter a week it´s over and then it comes all back again. A lot of rest, medication and another diet helped me getting better. The diet is caused by me eating not much (due to the heat) and not sufficient meat, fish and eggs. Thanks to the ex Military guys over here who pointed this out to me, if you are for a longer time in the tropics, the diet you are used to maybe not sufficient. Lesson learned.

So now I am better the question arises in the reactions on my website, via mail and in my head, continue or not? It feels as if have to start my roadtrip again with all the accompanying emotions. I just don´t know right now.