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El Holandes

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009
El Holandes

Malacatancito (Huehuetenango, Guatemala), march 3, 2009,

On the road again!!! Last tuesday we picked up the parcel with the parts at the post office. My Bombero (fire fighter) buddy Roberto thought that it would be a good idea to ask at the post office if they knew something about the parcel. To my astonishment, yes, they did. It had already arrived on saturday! Anyway, we started working on wednesday (then had to go to Huehue to make some new thread in the side cover) and by friday I could make the first run. The gearbox was a little rugged but on saturday Betsy shifted just sweet.

Wednesday I will continue the roadtrip. From here to Antiqua and then on to the border with El Salvador at San Cristobal. Yihaa! I had a great time here but I`m longing for the open road!

To read some more on my experiences here in Guatamala, for now please use the Google Translator service on the Dutch text. Some time later all entries on my website will be available in English, as will be my book about this trip, but for now I`m sorry I can`t get it done in the availble time. Thanks for your understanding and please feel free to respond in English as I am always happy with feedback, the encouragements I so far got really feel good!

jan  gerben